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I don't know how it is with you, but I've been using the internet since about 1988. I've been using the web since 1993, and I keep track of my passwords since around 1999. Currently my log contains well over 100 entries. I make a log for each time I create an account somewhere, but also when I buy something. Even when discarding the "buy" logs, most people (even those who keep track but never did the actual counting) don't believe they (or I) have more than 100 passwords. But I do.


This page categorizes the websites I have passwords for.

Category Examples TotalRemarks
Work Laptop, tools, websites 15
Shops Amazon, photo sites, electronics 13accounts (not orders)
Internet service providersTiscali, KPN, their forums, web admin 13half is obsolete
Devices/software at home PC login, Modem, Nas, Wifi, SQL server 12
Hobby Lego, Nintendo, GPS 9
Mail accounts Hotmail, gmail 9half is for family
Financial Bank, stock, tax, paypal, insurance 8
Phone KPN, skype, Telfort, Voipbusters 7
Community sites Youtube, linked-in, school, wikipedia 6
Reading Msdn, tweakers, salon 6
Webtracking Adsense, onestat 3
Physical subscriptions Newspaper, magazine 2
Auction sites Ebay 2
Customer loyalty programs Airfrance airmiles 2
Total 107
Password hell

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